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Meet our Staff

Principal: Mrs J Anderson

Deputy Principal: Ms D Fairbrother

Senior Leadership Team:

EYFS/Year 1 Lead (Lower Phase): Ms M Finley

Assistant Principal/ Middle Phase Leader: Mrs L Norris

Assistant Principal/ Upper Phase Leader: Mr C Scales

SENDco: Ms Fairbrother

Lower Phase Team
Year Class Teacher Support Staff
EYFS England

Ms Finley

Mrs L Holvey 

Miss F Bailey

Miss M Bunch


EYFS Portugal Miss R Cylkowski

Miss Z Neacy

Mrs M Galietti

1 Latvia

Ms C Caputo

Mrs K Starkey

Mrs T Roberts

1 Lithuania Mrs B Rozier

Miss C Taylor

Middle Phase 
Year Class Teacher Support Staff  
2 Slovakia Miss L Astill Miss S Chamberlain
2 Poland

Miss S Morris

Miss L Pearson
3 Pakistan Miss J Addison Mrs L Emmerton
3 India

Miss C Capp

Mrs L Norris

Miss T Henderson
4 China Mrs A Barnett Mrs S Setchfield
4 Egypt Miss H Lilley Miss L Woodruff


Upper Phase 
Year Class Teacher Support Staff
5 Kenya Mrs J Speechley Mrs J Kaur
5 Nigeria Miss J Shabir Mrs J Bunch
6 Morocco Mrs Easey

Ms C Todd (Year 5 and 6 support)

6 Gambia

Mr G Warren

Mr Scales

Mrs S Valambhia
Pastoral Team 

Safeguarding and Wellbeing Officer: Mrs D Vann

Family Liason Officer: Mrs H Reed

Family Support Worker: Mrs C Aldis

Learning Mentor: Mr C Cullen

SEND HLLM: Mrs N McCombe


Admin/Premises Staff 

Office Administrator and Attendance Officer: Mrs R Dawkins

Office Adminstrator: Ms A Hutchesson

Site Manager: Mr D Salmon

Assistant Caretaker: Mrs C Campbell