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Student Council

The Academy held elections in December to elect members for the first ever Academy Student Council. From Year 1 to Year 6, each class listened to presentations from applicants and then voted for the candidate that they thought would represent their class the best. Two children were then elected from each class and attended their first Council meeting in January 2015.

The brief of the Council is to provide feedback from the pupils about issues that affect their daily school lives. The children have discussed and suggested improvements for playtimes, they looked at the issue of Bullying in school, what it means and how to tackle it and they have had input into the design for new playground equipment.

Following a generous invitation from a local councillor, Bella Saltmarsh, the School Council visited the Mayor of Peterborough in his Chambers. We were treated to a tour around the Council offices, learned about council procedures and had tea in the Mayor’s Parlour.

Looking forward, the Council will be working closely with the design team on the new trim trails on the KS1 playground.