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  • Visit to Rockingham Castle

    Published 25/11/19, by linzi astill

    Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Rockingham Castle.

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  • Arrghhhh Pirates!

    Published 09/09/19, by linzi astill

    Arrghhhhh Pirates!

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  • Our visit to Hunstanton 3rd June

    Published 23/05/19, by Admin

    Our trip to the seaside 

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  • The Scented Garden

    Published 05/04/19, by Admin

    As we reached the end of the Spring Term, we welcomed our parents to come and celebrate the end of our topic with us. 

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  • Detective Day

    Published 03/01/19, by Admin

    Happy New Year! There was a strange incident on the playground when we returned this week. There were pieces of straw, some sticks and even bricks on the playground, with some strange hats, some fur and lots of footprints...who was to blame?

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  • Medieval Feast

    Published 07/12/18, by Admin

    Year 2's Medieval Feast 

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  • Rockingham Castle Trip

    Published 08/11/18, by Admin

    Our day at Rockingham Castle!

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  • Welcome to Year 2

    Published 11/09/18, by Admin

    Welcome to Slovakia Class and the start of Year 2!

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  • Our trip to Hunstanton

    Published 20/06/18, by Admin

    This half-term our topic is Beachcombers. We are learning all about the wildlife that lives on or around the beach and the geographical features of land and sea. 

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  • Science Morning

    Published 21/03/18, by linzi astill

    Science Morning- Thursday 15th March 

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  • Slovakia's Spring Term

    Published 19/03/18, by Admin

    Slovakia's Spring Term 

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  • Fun in Maths 

    Published 30/01/18, by linzi astill

    Adding 2-2digit numbers using concrete materials.

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