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Potion making!

We created and made our own potions and potion bottles!

The children started off their day by looking at different potion bottles. They had to consider which potion might be inside the bottle and who might want to use the potion. Then then moved onto creating their own potion using lots of different ingredients including rose petals, mint, lavender, glitter and colouring. After they had created their potion, they collected vocabulary to help them write a descriptive paragraph about their potion using the senses to help them to describe. 

In the afternoon, the children then had to design and make their own potion bottle for the potion that they created. They had to make their design choices about shape, colour and detail carefully to ensure that the bottle reflected the type of potion that they had made. They then had to use their design to mould their bottle using clay.

All of the children behaved sensibly throughout the day and their creativity was amazing!