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Problem solving morning...

On the second day back into the new school year, we decided to test the year 5 students on their problem solving, team building and communication skills... 

Before assembly, year 5 had a carousel of 5 different problem solving challenges to complete. Each activity tested their ability to problem solve, communicate effectively with each other and ultimately work together. Throughout each activity they showed perseverance and resilience as they didn't give up even when they were finding it tricky!

The marshmellow structure challenge:

After breaktime, the students had another problem solving challenge to contend with! Working in a group of 4, the students had 18 minutes to create the tallest structure that could support the weight of a marshmellow, without it toppling over. Each member of the team took on a role. The roles were leader, motivator, time keeper and resource collector. This challenge proved very frustrating as the structures kept breaking or falling over (EEK!) but eventually every team had a free standing structure. 

Some of the quotes from the morning included:

"We can't give up, we just have to believe in ourselves!"

"I love challenges!"

"There must be another way!" 

It was really fantastic to see that the children are really adopting the growth mindset attitude that we are promoting in school. I am extremely proud of all of the students for their attitude and behaviour throughout the entirety of the morning.