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After School Clubs

At the Welland Academy we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs to pupils. Some of them are run by Key Sports and others are run by the Academy staff. If you wish to enquire about a specific club please speak to Mrs Dryland, Mrs Emerton or Mrs Dawkins in the Academy Office. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
Multi Skills  Y1-2
Football  Y3-4 Athletics Y4-5 Football Y5-6 Gymnastics Y1-2
Maths club (Invite only)
Choir KS2 Dance Chloe Y2-Y3 Drama  
Construction EYFS Science club      
Girls football Y4-5-6

Book & Hobbie club Y5&6

Homework Club Y3-6 K.S


" The science club is amazing and I like learning new things"- Year 2 child