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After School Clubs

At the Welland Academy we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs to pupils. Some of them are run by Key Sports and others are run by the Academy staff. If you wish to enquire about a specific club please speak to Mrs Dryland, Mrs Emerton or Mrs Dawkins in the Academy Office. 

Day Club Year group Finish time
Monday Football 5/6 4:30
Monday Yoga 1/2 4:15
Monday Mathematics 3/4 4:15
Tuesday Multi Skills 1/2 4:30
Tuesday Choir 3/4/5/6 4:15
Tuesday  Book Club 5/6 4:15
Wednesday Dance 2 4:30
Wednesday Football 3/4 4:30
Wednesday Drama 4/5/6 4:15
Thursday Hockey 4/5/6 4:30
Thursday Netball 4/5/6 4:15
Friday Dodge ball 2/3 4:30



I like going to rounders, it is a great game to play with my friends.